Family Portrait: Dawn Carver

Family photos are a funny part of a photographers list of subjects. You might have 2 people or 30, new born to 90 years old. You never know what you are going to get. But of all the sessions you have, this can be the most important.

In some cases it is the only time the entire family is together, the first time a grandmother meets her first great grandchild, and is the family photo of record as the years go on.

Dawn wanted this for her family. The formal portrait of her with her four boys. Brett, who is on his way to being an adult, Van, as sweet and precocious as any little boy, and Eli, the baby who knows he is the center of the world.



I loved her images and all the fun the kids where having, but I also loved the “outtakes”, those shots that wouldn’t make the Christmas card but show more of who the boys are, the look that only a parent recognizes but is the essence of who they are.





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