Fresh Face: Karen Tenise James

I am running back through my work over the last few months, and it dawns on me that I have these incredible shots of Karen Tenise James I shot for FFS that I had loaded and ready to go and kept forgetting to post. Karen was wonderful to shoot with and her shoots just jumped out at me. The hardest part of the whole shoot was deciding which I liked best.





Fresh Face: Madalyn Hair

Introducing Madalyn Hair, the newest model to sit for me. She is great and I can’t say enough about her enthusiasm and professionalism.  Ultimately the images speak for themselves.

Started out in the studio working up a classic headshot.
Started out in the studio working up a classic headshot.

Madalyn_FFS brabded-107_pp

Madalyn pulled Audrey out of the ether and made it look natural.
Madalyn pulled Audrey out of the ether and made it look natural.

Madalyn_FFS brabded-128_pp

Madalyn finished with what was my favorite look, her London shopper look.


Megan – Workout everyday, Dance everynight

This is from a recent modeling shoot with Megan. As has been the habit this summer, we were shooting on a wing and a prayer that we could get it in before the rain started, or at least hope in and out during breaks.

Megan arrived with a very specific idea. She wanted to do a set of images for her portfolio showing off her fitness side. As a former dancer, Megan still maintains the physique and flexibility that served her well in her previous career. Megan was a great sport and held some of these positions while I moved reflectors and lights to make sure everything was right.

We then changed directions and Megan slipped into an evening gown and we spent the remainder of our time doing a little of everything, bouncing between traditional beauty to a more editorial look. FFS-Megan-101


FFS-Megan-109  FFS-Megan-111



First Shoot of the Year with FFS MATA

A new year has started and with it a new round of first look photo shoots with FFS Model and Talent Agency. This time we were downtown at the Tapp’s Building and ventured outside on the street.

First up we had Christian, a precocious little boy who wanted nothing more than to show me his best quarterback pose.

FFS-1-12-118 FFS-1-12-120

Changing up to his beach attire, you can see he knows how to relax.


Tiffany was up next and came with an entire wardrobe and the shoes to match!

We started with her simple white suit, which has a very classic look and looked great against the grey wall.

FFS-1-12-101 FFS-1-12-105

Tiffany’s “pinup” style outfit screamed to be shot outside on the street. In the fading light, the shadows were much deeper and gave us a more noir look.

FFS-1-12-130FFS-1-12-127 FFS-1-12-132