End of the Year Review: Lost Project

Every photographer has a list as long as their arm of personal projects that they are working on. Some are shot and waiting to be finished, others are sketched out on a sheet of paper stuck in a day planner. But whatever state they are in, the personal project is the first thing to be put aside when other things arise.

I started such a project with Lydia Catherine and Amy Schaming as model and stylist, looking for a classic beauty portrait, a throw back to an Old Hollywood glamor photo.

Amy and Lydia did an outstanding job with everything, hair, makeup, wardrobe, the works.


Lydia-101Alas, when all was said and done, this project got pushed back as weddings and portraits came up, but I kept coming back to it because of the exceptional look that Amy and Lydia put together. It really captured the look and feel I was going for. See what they can do for you at The Color Amber Salon at the corner of Senate and Marion in downtown Columbia, a block from USC and the State House.




Family Portrait: Dawn Carver

Family photos are a funny part of a photographers list of subjects. You might have 2 people or 30, new born to 90 years old. You never know what you are going to get. But of all the sessions you have, this can be the most important.

In some cases it is the only time the entire family is together, the first time a grandmother meets her first great grandchild, and is the family photo of record as the years go on.

Dawn wanted this for her family. The formal portrait of her with her four boys. Brett, who is on his way to being an adult, Van, as sweet and precocious as any little boy, and Eli, the baby who knows he is the center of the world.



I loved her images and all the fun the kids where having, but I also loved the “outtakes”, those shots that wouldn’t make the Christmas card but show more of who the boys are, the look that only a parent recognizes but is the essence of who they are.





Fresh Face: Karen Tenise James

I am running back through my work over the last few months, and it dawns on me that I have these incredible shots of Karen Tenise James I shot for FFS that I had loaded and ready to go and kept forgetting to post. Karen was wonderful to shoot with and her shoots just jumped out at me. The hardest part of the whole shoot was deciding which I liked best.





Fresh Face: Madalyn Hair

Introducing Madalyn Hair, the newest model to sit for me. She is great and I can’t say enough about her enthusiasm and professionalism.  Ultimately the images speak for themselves.

Started out in the studio working up a classic headshot.
Started out in the studio working up a classic headshot.

Madalyn_FFS brabded-107_pp

Madalyn pulled Audrey out of the ether and made it look natural.
Madalyn pulled Audrey out of the ether and made it look natural.

Madalyn_FFS brabded-128_pp

Madalyn finished with what was my favorite look, her London shopper look.


Impromptu Fashion Shoot

I have been combing back through my images from Columbia Style Week, Recently renamed Columbia Fashion Week, and grouping images by designers, models, hair and make up artist so I can find things quickly should someone call. Better then putting someone on hold as I try to look through 3000 images. I ran across these, which had fallen through the cracks the last day.

As we were winding down to the finale of Style Week, we had our designers coming in for one last sit down with the press, each bringing a model to showcase a look they would have in the show that evening. I was there as I was most days to get images for PR and to check that we were running smoothly. Being a Saturday afternoon, there was a lot of running around, especially at a place as busy as the Sheraton. People checking in, checking out, wedding parties waiting in the lobby for the last person to get ready. You get the picture.

Add to that, a bevy of models dressed for the runway, hair and makeup people doing touch ups, and it was a little chaos. But the good kind.

The kind that creativity germinates from.

So we grabbed a few models and made our own event, an impromptu fashion shoot right there in the Vault at the Sheraton.



I was in a lucky spot because the designer and model that are in these images are both women I had worked with before, Jennifer Ghelardini from the Ghelardini Collection, who just recently had come back to Columbia after studying and working in New York, and Emily Hammond, an amazing model and true professional. They were both up for doing something fun while we killed a little time.

Emily especially is a joy to work with. She knows her stuff and moves fluidly, knows when to stop and when to transition. And she brings a lot of energy. Most of these poses are her playing with the space and trying different things.




We wrapped up by taking it outside onto Main St where we did a few



Featured Designer Tsvety Fashion

One of the benefits of being Director of Photography for Columbia Style Week this year was being responsible for the promotional spreads and getting to work with all the amazing people that went into making these images come together.  We shot our promo images in and around the Sheraton Hotel on Main St. A beautiful place and they rolled out the red carpet to let us get these great images.

Tsvetelina McAuliffe, of Tsvety Fashion, came down from Charlotte with her collection and worked closely with us to get some incredible shots. Brittany Carr and Sabrina Lecera, our models, came early and stayed late, as did our hair and make up team led by Victor De Leon.

CSW-Tsvety Promo Shoot-107

CSW-Tsvety Promo Shoot-115


CSW-Tsvety Promo Shoot-104

CSW-Tsvety Promo Shoot-101

Tsvety’s designs looked great in Columbia Metropolitan Magazine’s summer issue. The rest of her line made its appearance to close out Friday night of Columbia Style Week.

CSW2013EGP-178 CSW2013EGP-180 CSW2013EGP-190 CSW2013EGP-192 CSW2013EGP-195






Columbia Style Week – 5 Nights, 2314 images, and a hell of a lot of fun!

I was originally only going to photograph the first and second night. But after getting into the middle of the first night, meeting the organizers and seeing the extraordinary images I was getting, I signed on for a third night. And then a fourth. And came home from a day at Carowinds with the family and decided to shoot the finale.

It was a rollercoaster of a shoot and covered the spectrum from classic style, window lit portraits, to gothic new wave with lots of postproduction to really bring out the color.

I cannot say enough about the people involved in this week. From the designers who let me get a peek back stage, to the hair and makeup pros who let me insinuate myself into their work, I was treated like a member of the family.

I have been working on the images from all five night and will be posting them as I get them ready, and the full line up will be on my website,