Fresh Face: Karen Tenise James

I am running back through my work over the last few months, and it dawns on me that I have these incredible shots of Karen Tenise James I shot for FFS that I had loaded and ready to go and kept forgetting to post. Karen was wonderful to shoot with and her shoots just jumped out at me. The hardest part of the whole shoot was deciding which I liked best.





The Ghelardini Collection – Part 2

This week is the second set of images from the Ghelardini Collection. As I have been going through these trying to pick my favorites, and keep marveling at how much wonderful work came out of a short afternoons shoot.

Not enough can be said about having the designer on set to make tweaks and adjustments, and an amazing make up artist there to make sure the last images looks as great as the first.

I posted this image in part one, but kept coming back to it. In black and white it has a much more raw feel, like she just stepped out of a pulp novel.

Without a doubt, one of my favorite images from the whole day. The pose, the look, the color, all just came together.

Felicia looked amazing in this window light.

This image jumped out at me as a classic beauty portrait. Flawless skin and bright eyes.


The Ghelardini Collection Part One

Several months ago I had the privilege to work with dozens of local designers, photographers, models, hair and makeup artists, and local businesses during the first annual Columbia Style Week.  I am lucky enough to have stayed in touch with many of these individuals and was able to work again with them a few weeks ago. Below are some of the images from the Ghelardini Collection, designed by Jennifer Ghelardini who is from Columbia, and is currently in New York working on becoming a household name.

Amy Schaming,  a hair stylist at The Color Amber Salon in Columbia, did hair and makeup and worked in the August humidity to make the last shot look as good and the first. Felicia Myers and Rachel Koprowski modeled the collection.